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    Providing Advanced Molecular Immunological Detection

Tetracore is a biotechnology company whose mission is to create and develop highly innovative diagnostic reagents, assays, and instruments for the detection of infectious diseases and bio-terrorism threat agents. We focus on veterinary, domestic preparedness, clinical, antibody and ELISA products.




Molecular Detection





Veterinary Products Domestic Preparedness Products Clinical Products Antibody Products ELISA kits
VetAlert™, real-time PCR and rt-PCR kits for use in detection of bacterial and viral pathogens of animals.
USDA approved
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BioThreat Alert®, rapid antibody- based test for HAZMAT and First Responder assessment of potential bioterrorism events.
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RedLine Alert™, antibody-based kit for the clinical laboratory identification of Bacillus anthracis colonies.
FDA cleared.
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Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to Select Agents, toxins, and simulants.
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ELISA Kits available for detection of toxins and Select Agents.
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Breaking News

Tetracore Announces Successful Validation of BioThreat Alert Lateral Flow Assay for Ricin by Department of Homeland Security

New Products

NEW! T-COR 8™ Real-Time PCR Thermocycler

NEW! BioThreat Alert® Reader

Experience Counts

Tetracore's staff has experience to back up our innovative product offerings. View our latest research papers and other writing >


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